5 Characteristics of a Godly Man

The world needs godly men to rise up more than ever, taking charge and changing the world for the Gospel. Many men throughout the Bible provide wonderful examples for us to follow, but perhaps none more powerful than King David of Israel.

David is described as "a man after God's own heart" (1 Samuel 13:14). He is highly praised in the Scriptures and with good reason. He sought the Lord in everything that he did. Even in his deepest pain, recorded in the book of Psalms, David still hopes and trusts in God with all his heart.

What are the characteristics of a godly man which King David so deeply personified?

Centered Around God's Word

David lived and breathed God's Word. He kept it close to his heart and deeply engrained in his mind. Because of this, he was able to become a wise, just, and benevolent leader to the people of Israel. When we center our lives around God's Word, we are also able to live God-pleasing lives in all holiness.


David didn't boast in his achievements but rather gave all the glory to God. David knew who the author of his victories was. He simply desired what was best for his people, and he was grateful to God for providing it. To truly emulate Christ, we must display humility in all circumstances. There is no room for pride in the heart of a believer.


David owned up to his responsibilities, even when they were challenging. David had a lot of weight on his shoulders in his role as the King of Israel. Many neighboring nations desired to do them harm, and David was responsible for keeping them safe. These responsibilities took a heavy toll on David's heart, but every time he struggled, he sought the Lord for additional strength. We would be wise to do the same in our moments of greatest need!


Throughout the book of Psalms, we see that David is vulnerable with his feelings and honest in admitting his sin. He was only human, so he slipped up as we all do in life. But David had an honest spirit and quickly repented of his sins, seeking forgiveness from God. He didn't point fingers or pass the blame to someone else. If we follow his example in this, we will find God's mercy.


David had a deep respect for God, His Word, and the people he was entrusted to lead and defend. David took his calling from God very seriously. We, too, must have a deep love and respect for the Lord and everything that He does in our lives. If we do, our relationship with Him will grow exponentially, and we will become godly men wielding unshakable faith.


Embodying the characteristics of a godly man will lead us to a life of profound influence for the Gospel and true holiness as we walk with God. We can look towards the example of godly men in Scripture like King David as our inspiration. If we are to lead a life of intimacy with God, we must commit to living out the characteristics of a godly man.

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