4 Ways to Conquer Fear Through Faith

Say it with me: Faith is stronger than fear. Why is that? Think about it this way. Fear is based on something intangible. It’s always about the “What if?” We are worried about what’s going to happen, how we are going to do this or that in the future, etc. Usually, the things we are most scared of are things that have not even happened yet!

But faith is stronger than fear because it’s rooted in the truth of the moment, a truth far greater than any fear. That truth is the loving and powerful presence of God in our lives. When we have faith in His love, truth, and providence, there’s nothing that can stand in our way!

Psalm 118:6 says, “The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” We must keep our focus on God and His presence on our lives at all times. If we focus on things of the world, it will be hard to find peace. But when we focus on God, that peace will come naturally.

Here are 4 ways to conquer fear through faith.

Commit to a Daily Bible Reading Plan

Starting each and every day reading your Bible is a practice that will reap incredible benefits in your life. That’s because you are rooting each day in the Lord and His truth. That truth will build up great faith within you, which will dispel fear from your heart and mind. Stay consistent in your Bible reading plan and God will guard you from fear.

Invest Richly in Prayer

Prayer is another essential discipline of the Christian life. Through prayer, we are able to talk to God. This makes prayer a crucial relationship builder. The closer we become to God through prayer, the bigger our faith becomes. The bigger our faith becomes, the more protected we are against the advances of fear within our lives. Make prayer a part of your everyday routine.

Engage in Fellowship

Fellowship is another indispensable aspect of the Christian life. Through fellowship we find encouragement, inspiration, and strength unlike anything else. That’s because we know that we have love and support from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We share a bond that cannot be broken, and that bond helps us feel secure in our faith, eliminating fear from our hearts.

Lean Upon the Lord

We can’t do everything we need to do in life on our own power, and that’s OK! God will supply us with everything we need. All we have to do is lean on Him! It doesn’t make you weak to lean upon the Lord. In fact, it makes you strong! The power you receive from Him is far greater than anything you can achieve on your own. That power will allow you to push away fear in your life.

We created our Faith Over Fear design to encourage you to always remember this inspiring truth. God’s presence is always with you, and you have nothing to fear when you have faith!

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